SUZANNE SAVOY, Photographer

I've been doing headshots for twenty years in New York City and Houston. Many actors get stressed out over having headshots done--you may feel that a lot is riding on that one session!--so we work through any anxieties, have a relaxed and fun shoot, and take LOTS of photos.  I prefer to work outdoors with natural light, but we also have the option to shoot indoors with studio light.  After the session you go home with a memory card full of pictures you can post the same day. I also put together a collection of our favorites, retouch them if necessary, and make those available for you to download within a couple of days. 

(Photo credit: Joe Silver)




"Suzy was really awesome about asking me what direction I wanted my career to go in and what looks I wanted.  She put me at ease with her awesome attitude and wonderful demeanor. She took a bagillion pictures and I liked most of them, so it was super #*@ing hard to pick which one I liked best.  She is genuinely interested in your career, and she has tons of experience, so picking her brain is a good idea."  

Nicole Byer, star of Loosely Exactly Nicole and Ladylike.

"By the time I had my first session with Suzy, I had already had three sets of headshots done, with two different photographers.  I knew what I wanted, and it was just a question of seeing if Suzy could do it.  It was very simple to communicate with her about my needs and she did a wonderful job of both capturing my natural expressions and eliciting some that were candid and a direct result of her experience.  Suzy is super fun and creates a very friendly environment.  I left with my shots right after the session and when I went through them all I was astounded at the quantity of awesome pictures I now had.  I have never left a photographer with that many pictures that I liked.  And I mean liked liked.  Not just ones that were "usable."  

Johnathan Fernandez, "Scorsese" on Lethal Weapon TV Series.



The session is $400, payable in cash the day of the shoot. This includes six retouched photos.  Additional retouching is $10 per photo.  Plan for the shoot to take up to four hours, including make-up and set-up time.  Bring several different shirts or tops (stay away from loud prints or logos), make-up (skin-toned face powder for men), and hair product if you need it.  Please supply your own 8-gig or larger SD memory card, which you will keep after the session.  To book a session or to get more info, scroll to the bottom of this site to send an email.  And don't forget:  Always give your photographer credit when printing a photo or posting to a website or public media.  


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It's a good idea to make sure you'll feel comfortable with your choice of photographer before the day of the shoot.  

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